Monday, October 18, 2010

Winners of the Dunn writing contest.

Friday October 15, we announced the winners of the Dunn writing contest in an event at the Dahl Fine Arts Center.  This was a contest co-sponsored by the Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City.  We had a small but enthusiastic audience. I was very happy that we could make the awards in the gallery with the Dunn exhibit.

Category: 16 and Over

                1st Prize ($50) to Eric Lochridge for work May Street

                2nd Prize ($25) to Leah Nixon for work Portrait of my Grandmother

                3rd Prize ($25) to Betty Downs for work Dakota Dreams
                Honorable Mention to Gavin Woltjer for work Nameless Creek                               

                Honorable Mention to Patricia Anderson for The Human story in Art

Category: Under 16
                1st Prize ($50) to Rose Wingert for May Street, 1922

                 2nd Prize ($25) to Emily Wingert for Canvas
                3rd Prize ($25) to Miranda Marker for A Walk in the Woods

Watch for the winning entries here soon.

Thank you to the Dahl for the opportunity to work with them on this project. Thank you to all who participated in the contest and to all who attended the awards ceremony.


Fall Poets coffeehouse November 5, 2010

As always, please sign up to read at the event.  Call 394-4171 to pre-register or sign up when you get to the library.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Winners for the Dunn Writing Contest announced tomorrow

The winners for the Dunn Writing Contest, sponsored in partnership with The Dahl Arts Center, will be announced tomorrow in the Adelstein Gallery at the Dahl. Under 16 category winners will start at 4:30 and will be followed by the 16 and over category around 5:15. Hope to see you there.