Tuesday, June 3, 2014

eBook Timeline

My first attempt to change the appearance of this blog did not go quite as planned. I have not given up--a priority to post content has merely postponed the effort.

eBook Update:
I have enjoyed reading the material that has been filtering in. It's been great learning about the various authors and reading the poems, some for the first time. There really have been some excellent poems come through our contest.

Tentative Timeline:

June 7-15         send a request-for-info reminder to authors who have expressed interest in project
June 25             assume all material received is what we have to work with
June 26-July 1   scan poems we weren't able to find electronic copies of, scan posters
July 1-31           take care of all editing, basic design, layout and naming.
July 1-Aug 31    learn everything about epublishing possible. format and publish book

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