Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Summer Poetry Project #1

One of our summer projects this year is to compile all of the award winning poems from our annual poetry contest dating back to 2002 and publishing them in an ebook. We are looking at a book consisting of 58 poems, including the honorable mentions.

Out of 50 writers to be included, I have been able to contact 19. I have heard back from 6 of them, and talked to another 3.  I’ve been asked some questions about the book, but there is not a lot to tell yet.  I knew tracking down some of the writers was going to be tricky, so that is actually our starting point.  I hope to come up with a timeline and keep people posted with the progress at this site.

The general plan is this: we want to publish an ebook of 58 poems, subdivided by images of posters for the contests. Jason agreed to write an introduction telling a little about High Plains Writers and the origin of the contest.  we would like to include writer bios. along with anything the writers might like to say about their poems, the contest, or writing in general.

High Plains Writers will need to have a formal group meeting to figure out all of the details. We have a publisher in mind, a local start-up that isn’t quite started yet.  If that doesn’t work out, we will self-publish.

Here is a list of writers I have no idea how to contact. I haven’t googled them yet. If anyone recognizes any of these people, please have them contact one of us or send us a message on facebook.

Greg Hanson, Brandyn Johnson, Robert Nelson, Jess Satrang


Denise said...

A friend of mine was giving me a little grief for using an apostrophe in the case of a plural in "bio's." My thought was that "bio" was actually short for "biography" and therefore the apostrophe was replacing the missing letters. If that's the case, though, wouldn't I have to put an apostrophe at the end of the singular shortened "bio" also?

TripleDogDem said...

I might be able to put you in touch with Andy Thorstenson. I'll pass the link along to him.

Denise said...


Bran said...

Hi, Nice to hear from you. Sure, you can use my poem 'UFO Jihad', but I don't think I have a copy of it. {I did write a screenplay with the same title}. And just had the novel of it published as well, 'Confessions of the Gods' -